1. The course consisted of a Powerpoint presentation and some practical exercises.
  2. The practical exercises were brilliant. The lead trainer demonstrated what to do and why. We then followed his lead.
  3. The theory behind the course makes perfect sense and the moves are simple and easy to implement.
  4. I have subsequently taught my wife and children some of the moves.
  5. The rapport between the two trainers was excellent and this made the event very enjoyable.

In summary, very enjoyable, easy to understand and implement and certainly valuable

Jon Malton/ Brand Director, Ringtons

I thoroughly enjoyed the realistic approach to this and came out of it feeling that I was in a much better position to protect myself or others in the event of an issue. Ultimately the early advice of avoid trouble would be my adapted route, however I am now better prepared.

Simon Smith/ CEO, Ringtons

We send a number of our staff, sometimes alone, to remote areas of the world, often making long journeys. Through their isolation they are potentially at risk of something untoward occurring. They do a good job for us and anything we can do to help ensure their safety during their travels is worthwhile. The course that Staff Defence presents helps our staff to be aware of the dangers that exist and gives simple procedures to follow to avoid situations escalating or to protect themselves if they did. Our staff have enjoyed it and gained confidence from it.

We consider it to be the least we can do to support them in their efforts to remain safe during their travels.

Nigel Smith/ Chairman, Ringtons

I just wanted to pass on my gratitude for the excellent training that both Pete and Steve delivered to our Personal Safety Trainers. Their knowledge of how to adapt our current techniques and make them more relevant and workable meant that everyone benefited from their expertise. The training was a real eye opener and really hit home that you do not have to be particularly strong or aggressive to turn situations to your advantage. Their awareness of public perception surrounding police use of force was constantly threaded throughout the day and made the training relevant to our needs. The techniques were very effective (the screams and bruises are testament to this) and were delivered with good humour and in a relaxed manner. Instructors are still talking about the training day two weeks on. Both Pete and Steve are very humble, highly skilled individuals who are an asset to Staff Defence.
The training that they provide needs to be experienced, it really does work!

Dean Cox/ British Transport Police

I’ve known Pete for a number of years now! with over 35 years of Continuous Martial Arts experience combined with working in risk and protective services both military and civilian for all my adult working life, Iā€™m well versed to give an effective opinion in terms of skills set. I have found Pete to be one of the most knowledgeable practising martial artists that I have come across, his application of this knowledge to real life scenarios is second to none and his teaching methods enable the student to grasp the techniques quickly. Pete is able to adapt his teaching methods towards the needs of individual students and at the same time is open to new ideas and concepts.

Peter Consterdine/ Co-Founder of the British Combat Association and Close Protection Specialist

A group of female colleagues and I recently met with Steve and his team for a self defence class. My preconception of a self defence class was about learning how to throw your attacker over your shoulder and body slam them to the ground! Oh, how wrong could I be. We were taught that martial arts/boxing techniques are useless when it comes to self defence.

It takes years to practice and perfect and in a real life threatening situation, these techniques go out the window (even for someone highly trained). Instead we were taught all about the acupuncture pressure points and how by applying continued pressure in the form of downward sweeping movements we could cause pain to the attacker which is more effective than a punch to the face.

We didn’t just learn what to do in the event of being attacked, the guys highlighted how we could reduce the risk of getting into a potential threatening situation and being more aware of our surroundings. A lot of it was common sense but things that we had just not thought about.

The guys made the half day session very entertaining which helped create a fun environment to learn and take in and retain the information. We practiced in pairs and learnt how effective it would be.

We came away having learnt so much and we feel better equipped should we ever have the misfortune of being faced by an attacker.

Rachel Croome/ Lancashire Insurance Group