Personal Safety Intermediate Level

Learn to Avoid Danger and De-escalate Conflict

Intermediate Course

Course Overview

Our personal safety courses have been specifically designed to enable you to identify potential dangers, avoid those dangers, or, if that is not possible, to de-escalate conflicts, allowing you to remove yourself to a safe area as fast as possible. The course is split between the foundation level and the intermediate levels to allow the core skills to be hard wired.

The Staff Defence Personal Safety Model is registered on the Trade Marks Registry under registration No. UK00003271833.

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Course Outline

The course will refresh the knowledge and skills to maintain situational awareness, spot trouble, de-escalate a conflict situation at the same time learning to maintain a protective stance and moving to safety. Practice the skills from the foundation level and introduce intermediate self defence skills.

Course Duration:
6 hours

What you will learn:

  • Rrefreshing Foundation level and Situational awareness
  • Understanding the law relating to Self Defence
  • Verbal & confrontational de-escalation
  • Defending against weapon attacks
  • Defending against physical attacks
  • Shutting down an aggressor with the use of body points

Course Requirements:

The course is open to anyone working in the field of security and anybody that has already completed the foundation level of training.

Course location:

The course is conducted at our training venue in Onley near Rugby in the East Midlands or we can conduct it at a suitable location at your organisation.

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