What qualifications and experience do your trainers have?+

All of our trainers have been specifically picked for their skills in their fields of excellence. You can find out about their qualifications, their self defence training and other awards they hold, on our About page.

Our trainers are also all DBS checked, have first aid certificates and full insurance cover for their particular disciplines.

Contact us for our instructors to teach you how to stay safe.

Are your conflict management courses suitable for lone workers?+

Yes, our conflict management courses are perfect for lone workers since they teach conflict management skills and personal safety awareness skills, as well as the physical skills needed to quickly de-escalate a conflict, and how best to get to a safe area.

Contact us to organise a course for your staff.

Where and when are the women’s and children’s groups? Are they free to attend?+

We often run courses for women’s and children’s groups – contact us to let us know about the specific requirements for your group.

Staff Defence can also recommend the free self-defence training sessions that run every three months at the Immortal 365 gym in Peterborough. These training sessions are open to anybody.

Are the trainers DBS checked?+

Yes, all our trainers are DBS checked, have a first aid certificate and full, current insurance cover for the disciplines they teach. You can find out more about our trainers by looking at our About page.

How much does it cost to attend a course?+

Prices vary depending on the type of course we run for you and the specific requirements that you have. Please contact us so that we can give you an accurate quote.

Can you adapt your courses to our specific needs?+

Of course we can! Before we run the course, we will discuss your specific requirements with you and confirm that you are happy with everything we will be covering in the training.

In general, training for corporate clients and women’s groups covers a wider range of topics and is less intense than the training for military groups.

Contact us to let us know your particular requirements.

What do I need to bring with me when I attend a course?+

There are no particular dress requirements for our courses. We suggest you come in something comfortable and bring a bottle of water with you. Everything else you need is provided.

No prior training or fitness is required.

Contact us to book a course.

Can I attend the courses if I have a disability?+

Yes, of course. We routinely teach people with a wide range of disabilities, as the techniques we teach can easily be adapted on an individual basis.

Contact us to find out how we can tailor our courses for your needs.

Who can attend the courses?+

Anyone can attend our courses. In general, there are no limits. We have taught children through to people in their seventies. There is no requirement for particular fitness levels as the physical activities do not require prior cardio development or training.

For the conflict management course, we would suggest that participants are aged 16 and older and have a minimum of Level 1 in numeracy and literacy.

Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Where are the training courses held?+

The training courses are held at a gym near the client’s location. This is often booked by the client themselves, or we can book it if required. Contact us about booking a training session near you. We travel nationally and internationally to run our courses.