What qualifications and experience do your trainers have?+

Our travel safety instructors come from a background in the UK Commando Forces and have been specifically picked for their skills in their fields of excellence.

Our trainers are also all DBS checked, have first aid certificates and full insurance cover for their particular disciplines.

Contact us for our instructors to teach you how to stay safe.

Are your conflict management courses suitable for lone workers?+

Yes, our conflict management courses are perfect for lone workers since they teach conflict management skills and personal safety awareness skills, as well as the physical skills needed to quickly de-escalate a conflict, and how best to get to a safe area.

Contact us to organise a course for your staff.

Are the trainers DBS checked?+

Yes, all our trainers are DBS checked, have a first aid certificate and full, current insurance cover for the disciplines they teach. You can find out more about our trainers by looking at our About page.

How much does it cost to attend a course?+

Prices vary depending on the type of course you are attending and the specific requirements that you have. Please contact us so that we can give you an accurate quote.

Can you adapt your courses to our specific needs?+

Of course we can! Before we run the course, we will discuss your specific requirements with you and confirm that you are happy with everything we will be covering in the training.

Contact us to let us know your particular requirements.

Where are the training courses held?+

Our courses are held at our training location in Onley, near Rugby in the East Midlands.

We have a training location in the USA and we will travel to conduct our course Globally as well as in the UK.