Personal Safety Training Courses

When you’re looking for personal safety training courses, you want to be sure that the training you get is going to serve you well in the moment that you need it. Our instructors are especially selected for their expertise in their fields and have many years of experience in training and teaching martial arts.

Our personal safety courses have been specifically designed to enable you to identify potential dangers, avoid those dangers, or, if that is not possible, to de-escalate conflicts, allowing you to remove yourself to a safe area as fast as possible. After taking these courses, people have told us that they feel empowered and more self-confident.

Although our instructors are trained in martial arts, we have spent many years moving away from teaching traditional martial arts ‘Self Defence’ techniques in our courses. These techniques are overly complicated, require many hours of repetition and even when someone is proficient in them, it is extremely difficult to make them work in a non-compliant situation.

Our training sessions are held at a location near you (across the UK & internationally).

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What you will learn

The aims of our courses are to teach you:

  • awareness of the laws relating to self defence and the definition of Reasonable Force;
  • the assault cycle and associated triggers and de-escalations;
  • how to avoid potentially dangerous situations;
  • self defence techniques which allow you to quickly extract yourself to a safe location.

The training you will receive does not require a high level of fitness or strength, or any prior martial arts experience. It focuses purely on the practical aspects of body mechanics, maximising the effects of using your natural strengths against an adversary’s weaknesses, being based upon the natural principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

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Who the training is for

These courses are open to anyone as they require no prior fitness or training and they are run at a very low intensity level, with every effort being made to ensure the safety of every participant and to maximise your learning potential.

We have had participants as young as 5 years old and up to 70, so there is no real age barrier to these courses. We also run groups for women’s charities, support groups and workshops for children.

When attending a training course, wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle with you.

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Foundation Self Defence with Personal Safety Awareness Course

This Foundation Self Defence course presents you with the ability to quickly de-escalate a situation and extract yourself rapidly.

We will cover basic safety awareness and the signs to look for in order to avoid dangerous situations. The course then moves on to show you how to defend yourself and which points on the body can be used to shut down an aggressive attack very rapidly.

This training runs for four hours, but can be extended if required. It is the foundation upon which the intermediate level course is built.

If you would like to book this course, or would like us to tailor this course to your group’s needs –

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Intermediate Level Self Defence Course

This Intermediate Level Self Defence Course is a more in-depth study of the Foundation Self Defence course. It is a purely practical course, focused on the aspects of power generation and how you apply that at a higher level to target areas on the body.

It covers:

  • understanding the law;
  • control & restraint;
  • search techniques;
  • reasonable force;
  • human behaviour;
  • verbal & confrontational de-escalation.

This training lasts six hours.

Protect your business and your staff with the benefits of established and proven physical intervention techniques to make your working environment a safer one for your employees and customers.

Contact us let us know of any specific requirements you have that you would like us to incorporate.

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Self Defence Courses in Peterborough

If you would like to learn about self defence and live in the Peterborough area, then we can recommend the self defence classes which run every three months at the Immortal 365 gym in Orton Southgate. These classes are open to anyone and are free of charge.

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