Conflict Resolution Training

We offer a range of Recognised and Accredited conflict resolution training courses.

Employers are responsible for ensuring that their employees are fully prepared for dealing with the threats that they may encounter during their working hours, either individually or as a team. Staff are required to be equipped with the appropriate knowledge in conflict resolution. This can only be achieved through expert training.

Staff Defence offers a Global Horizons Skills (GHS) accredited qualification through our standard training packages, as well as being able to provide bespoke programs to cover your unique needs and those of your workforce.

Working closely with the GHS ensures that all our course content is leading-edge, proven and relevant, and also up-to-date in legality and accountability, to the highest standards and recognised internationally.

We run our conflict resolution & management courses across the UK and Internationally and can tailor our courses for your specific needs.

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What you will learn

The aims of our conflict management courses are to teach you:

  • how positive communication can be used to solve problems and reduce the likelihood of conflict;
  • the factors that influence human responses in conflict situations;
  • how to assess and reduce risks in conflict situations;
  • how to communicate effectively and de-escalate conflict in emotive situations;
  • what to do after the conflict situation.
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Foundation Conflict Management Course

The foundation course is a one day course which provides a general overview of how  positive communication skills can be used to diffuse conflict and help a person avoid the early stages of a situation starting to escalate into a potentially dangerous situation.

This conflict management course delivers a detailed and powerful array of knowledge and skills, equipping your staff to avoid, manage and resolve conflict situations that can arise in the workplace when interacting with service users, customers and the public.

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Level 2 Conflict Management Course

The second course is an Accredited Level 2 course and is run over two days, consisting of about 14 hours of instructor-led learning.

This level 2 course will build upon the skills offered in the Foundation Conflict Management Course, to further empower your staff with scenario-based training that includes assessment of risks in conflict situations, influencing human responses, effective communication to de-escalate situations and best practice and protocol following a conflict situation and its resolution.

Once the learning hours have been completed, the participants will complete a 1 hour multiple-choice assessment and will be awarded a Level 2 certificate from Global Horizon Skills.

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Who are the courses for?

There are no formal prerequisites for the conflict management courses. They are open to everybody, although it is advised that learners have a minimum of Level 1 in literacy or numeracy or equivalent. The qualification is approved for participants aged 16 and above.

The conflict management courses are particularly suited to Lone Workers or others who may find themselves in situations where conflicts are likely to arise.

Bespoke courses

Let us know of any special requirements you may have and we will alter the course content to suit your particular needs, helping you to protect your interests and reduce risks from frontline threats.

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