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Protect your business

...and your staff with the benefits of established and proven physical intervention techniques to make your working environment a safer one for your employees and customers.

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Conflict Management, Personal Safety Awareness & Self Defence Courses


Recognised and Accredited
Conflict Management Courses

Staff Defence instructors have an average of 15 years Martial Arts and personal safety experience and many come from a wide range of levels of the Security Industry and the British Military.

We provide a specifically designed personal safety training solution which aims to enable people to identify potential dangers, avoid those dangers if possible but if not de-escalate conflicts allowing them to remove themselves to a safe area as fast as possible.

We have spent many years moving away from traditional Martial Arts ‘Self Defence’ techniques which are overly complicated, require many hours of repetition and even when proficient are extremely difficult for someone to make work in a non-compliant situation.

...application of this knowledge to real life scenarios is second to none...

As an evolution of this we have created a stripped down system based upon the principles of the natural principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is very clear and focuses purely on the practical aspects of body mechanics and how to maximise the effects of using people’s natural strengths against an adversary's weaknesses making it very easy to learn in a short space of time. Additionally it does not require a high level of fitness or strength or any prior martial arts experience.

We have conducted seminars for:

  • Members from the US Marine Corps, Army, Navy and Intelligence community.
  • The British Military.
  • Pilgrims Group.
  • We have also conducted training days for the Metropolitan Police including more specialised branches such as CO19 and are currently working with The British Transport Police and Counter Terrorist Instructors developing their personal safety training.

outstanding self defence and situational awareness training courses

We regularly carry out a large amount of regular training sessions working with Women’s charities and support groups and children’s workshops.



Staff Defence Ltd are proud to announce that as fully qualified and accredited trainers working with the National Federation For Personal Safety means that Staff Defence can provide cutting-edge accredited Conflict Management courses that lead to nationally recognised qualifications. We offer our clients and partners the opportunity to achieve a range of officially recognised qualifications that will empower you, your team and your workforce. Whatever requirements you may need for your specific applications we can help you to protect your interests and reduce risks from frontline threats. 

Staff Defence working so closely with the NFPS ensures that all course content is leading-edge, proven and relevant but also up-to-date in legality and accountability - to the highest standards and recognised internationally.